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Pan LAUREL, Life in graphics, 2,5 L

Pan LAUREL, Life in graphics, 3,5 L

Чайник эмалированный со свистком 2.5 л Laurel Life in flowers (L92711LiF)

Printio Better in real life

Обложка для паспорта — материал: ПОЛИЭСТЕР.

750 RUR

Printio Better in real life похожие


Кастрюля эмалированная 2.0 л Laurel Life in emotions (L93110LiEm1)

Кастрюля эмалированная 5.5 л Laurel Life in emotions (L93117LiEm3)

Кастрюля эмалированная 3.0 л Laurel Life in emotions (L93112LiEm2)

Retro Graphics

The modern yearning for vintage and classical design work is well-documented in Retro Graphics, an in-depth exploration of diverse applications of retro elements in modern...

5500 RUR



Designed in the USSR: 1950-1989

A fascinating glimpse into design behind the Iron Curtain, revealed through the products and graphics of everyday Soviet life This captivating survey of Soviet design from...

3060 RUR



Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio Туалетные духи 50 мл

Записная книжка, 9*13см 96л линейка In my life, вн.бл.лин.кремовый, ПВХ обложка

Записная книжка А7+ 96л 9*13 лин. "In my life", вн.бл.лин.кремовый, ПВХ обложка

150 RUR



Thomas Kolditz A. In Extremis Leadership. Leading As If Your Life Depended On It

In this extraordinary book Col. Kolditz explains that his research on in extremis leadership, where followers perceive their lives to be threatened, reveals that the leadership lessons and principles in evidence in dangerous settings also apply to leading in business and everyday life. The book shows how leadership literally defines the promise of hope or future life and that extremely capable leaders are needed in all walks of life. The book describes a variety of high-risk situations that are ideal settings to seek and find great leaders, assess how they might be different, and to glean valuable insights for extraordinary leadership in our everyday lives. Through heart-stopping real-life stories of leaders in these extreme situations, Kolditz insists that leaders at all levels can improve their effectiveness.

2139.84 RUR



Mark Buxton A Day in My Life Туалетные духи 100 мл

Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio Туалетные духи 100 мл

Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio Туалетные духи тестер 100 мл

Olfactive Studio Still Life in Rio Отливант парфюмированная вода 18 мл

Andrew Cohen Wonders of Life

What is Life? Where did it come from? Why does it end?In this beautiful and definitive new book, Professor Brian Cox takes us on an incredible journey to discover how a few fundamental laws gave birth to the most complex, diverse and unique force in the Universe – life itself.There are thought to be as many as 100 million different species on Earth – each and every one governed by the same laws. Everything in the Universe, from the smallest microbe to the largest cluster of galaxies, is constructed from the same fundamental building blocks and is subject to the same laws of nature. What is true for a bacterium is true for a blue whale. This is the story of the amazing diversity and adaptability of life told through the fundamental laws that govern it. Through his voyage of discovery, Brian will explain how the astonishing inventiveness of nature came about and uncover the milestones in the epic journey from the origin of life to our own lives.From the vast networks of subterranean freshwater caverns of the Yucatan peninsula to the unique and precious island of Madagascar, Brian will seek out the places where the biggest questions about life may be answered: what is life? Why do we need water and why does life end?Using the latest advances in science as well as the cutting-edge graphics used in The Sunday Times bestsellers Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe, Brian will uncover the secrets of life in the most unexpected locations and in the most stunning detail.

712.82 RUR



Charles Cockell S. Astrobiology. Understanding Life in the Universe

Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary field that asks profound scientific questions. How did life originate on the Earth? How has life persisted on the Earth for over three billion years? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? What is the future of life on Earth? Astrobiology: Understanding Life in the Universe is an introductory text which explores the structure of living things, the formation of the elements for life in the Universe, the biological and geological history of the Earth and the habitability of other planets in our own Solar System and beyond. The book is designed to convey some of the major conceptual foundations in astrobiology that cut across a diversity of traditional fields including chemistry, biology, geosciences, physics and astronomy. It can be used to complement existing courses in these fields or as a stand-alone text for astrobiology courses. Readership: Undergraduates studying for degrees in earth or life sciences, physics, astronomy and related disciplines, as well as anyone with an interest in grasping some of the major concepts and ideas in astrobiology.

14247.21 RUR



A Life in Portraits

Life After

This is the winner of the costa novel award. What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right? During a snowstorm in England in...

880 RUR



Hisashi Yamamoto Molecular Technology. Life Innovation

Edited by foremost leaders in chemical research together with a number of distinguished international authors, Volume 2 presents the most important and promising recent chemical developments in life sciences, neatly summarized in one book. Interdisciplinary and application-oriented, this ready reference focuses on methods and processes with a high practical aspect, covering new trends in drug delivery, in-vivo analysis, structure formation and much more. Of great interest to chemists and life scientists in academia and industry.

10856.2 RUR



Re:Zero-Starting Life in Another World SSS REM Wonderland Figure

Lang John Wanderings in India, and Other Sketches of Life Hindostan

Groskop Viv Anna Karenina Fix: Life Lessons from Russian

Viv Groskop has discovered the meaning of life in Russian literature. As she knows from personal experience, everything that has ever happened in life has already happened in these novels: from not being sure what to do with your life (Anna Karenina) to being in love with someone who doesn't love you back enough (The Master and Margarita),or being socially anxious about your appearance (all of Chekhov's work). This is a literary self-help memoir, with examples from the author's own life that reflect the lessons of literature, only in a much less poetic way than Tolstoy probably intended, and with an emphasis on being excessively paranoid about having an emerging moustache on your upper lip, just like Natasha in War and Peace.

1953 RUR



Kunio Takezawa Guidebook to R Graphics Using Microsoft Windows

Introduces the graphical capabilities of R to readers new to the software Due to its flexibility and availability, R has become the computing software of choice for statistical computing and generating graphics across various fields of research. Guidebook to R Graphics Using Microsoft® Windows offers a unique presentation of R, guiding new users through its many benefits, including the creation of high-quality graphics. Beginning with getting the program up and running, this book takes readers step by step through the process of creating histograms, boxplots, strip charts, time series graphs, steam-and-leaf displays, scatterplot matrices, and map graphs. In addition, the book presents: Tips for establishing, saving, and printing graphs along with essential base-package plotting functions Interactive R programs for carrying out common tasks such as inputting values, moving data on a natural spline, adjusting three-dimensional graphs, and understanding simple and local linear regression Various external packages for R that help to create more complex graphics like rimage, gplots, ggplot2, tripack, rworldmap, and plotrix packages Throughout the book, concise explanations of key concepts of R graphics assist readers in carrying out the presented procedures, and any coverage of functions is clearly written out and displayed in the text as demos. The discussed techniques are accompanied by a wealth of screenshots and graphics with related R code available on the book's FTP site, and numerous exercises allow readers to test their understanding of the presented material. Guidebook to R Graphics Using Microsoft® Windows is a valuable resource for researchers in the fields of statistics, public health, business, and the life and social sciences who use or would like to learn how to use R to create visual representations of data. The book can also be used as a supplement for courses on statistical analysis at the upper-undergraduate level.

6513.72 RUR



Steven Janke J. Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics

A comprehensive exploration of the mathematics behind the modeling and rendering of computer graphics scenes Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics presents an accessible and intuitive approach to the mathematical ideas and techniques necessary for two- and three-dimensional computer graphics. Focusing on the significant mathematical results, the book establishes key algorithms used to build complex graphics scenes. Written for readers with various levels of mathematical background, the book develops a solid foundation for graphics techniques and fills in relevant graphics details often overlooked in the literature. Rather than use a rigid theorem/proof approach, the book provides a flexible discussion that moves from vector geometry through transformations, curve modeling, visibility, and lighting models. Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics also includes: Numerous examples of two- and three-dimensional techniques along with numerical calculations Plenty of mathematical and programming exercises in each chapter, which are designed particularly for graphics tasks Additional details at the end of each chapter covering historical notes, further calculations, and connected concepts for readers who wish to delve deeper Unique coverage of topics such as calculations with homogeneous coordinates, computational geometry for polygons, use of barycentric coordinates, various descriptions for curves, and L-system techniques for recursive images Mathematical Structures for Computer Graphics is an excellent textbook for undergraduate courses in computer science, mathematics, and engineering, as well as an ideal reference for practicing engineers, researchers, and professionals in computer graphics fields. The book is also useful for those readers who wish to understand algorithms for producing their own interesting computer images.

5245.15 RUR



2019 Summer Funny Cat in Pocket Design T Shirt Men's Animal Graphics Printed Tops Hipster Tees

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