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Pamuk O. Istanbul

Turkey's greatest living novelist guides us through the monuments and lost paradises, dilapidated Ottoman villas, back streets and waterways of Istanbul - the city of his birth and the home of his imagination. This is a supremely moving account of one man's love affair with the city that has been his home since his birth.

888 RUR



Pamuk O. A Strangeness in My Mind

Pamuk O. The Innocence of Memories

Pamuk O. The Museum of Innocence

Pamuk O. The Red-Haired Woman

Pamuk O. The Red-Haired Woman

Pamuk O. My Name is Red

Биде подвесное Vitra Istanbul (4256B003-0848)

Биде подвесное (белое) Istanbul. Турция.

46990 RUR

Vitra Istanbul (4256B003-0848) похожие


Pamuk O. A Strangeness in My Mind

At a family wedding Mevlut catches sight of a girl with whom he falls in love. After a secret courtship of letters passed via his cousin, she agrees to elope with him, and on a dark night the two come together for the first time. As they rush to catch a train to Istanbul, Mevlut realises he has been misled. But the die is cast, and the situation will determine the rest of his days. Over the next four decades in Istanbul, Mevlut works various jobs to support his loving wife and family; work that gives him a special perspective on his rapidly changing city and the people who live there. And every evening he walks the streets, selling his wares and dreaming his dreams.

738 RUR



Унитаз подвесной Vitra Istanbul (4518B403-0075)

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